The Wanting

A dance film choreographed, directed and edited by Claudia Anata Hubiak. The Wanting addresses our insatiable desire for more.

Big Salt

BIG SALT, a work from The Anata Project about the clash between love and ambition in motherhood. This evening-length work for five dancers features an original score by Jonas Leuenberger and costumes by Jamielyn Duggan. A study in the embodiment of volatility, BIG SALT draws from images of tenderness, power struggle, and eruption to portray the world-shaking passage of becoming a parent

Point of Dissolve

Point of Dissolve is an evening-length study connecting the spectrum of effort with the societal standard that working harder equates with greater self-worth. With an original score by Ben Juodvalkis and Jonas Leuenberger, this world premiere investigates the physical elements of precision and undoing through powerful partnering, quiet subtlety of gesture and spatial accumulations. Through the task of weight-bearing and building tension Point of Dissolve explores exertion, and conversely how to actively cultivate ease. Point of Dissolve ultimately asks the question, How hard do we need to work to be enough?


Notjustmoreidlechatter is a new dance work about observing the mind by Claudia Anata, with an original score by composer Jonas Leuenberger. Five movement studies explore emotional reaction through physical impulse, the complicated allure of chasing obsession down the rabbit hole, and bearing witness to the chatter of the mind.

It Fades, (Teaser) 2016

It Fades, a dance film about the story of impermanence created by Claudia Anata and filmed by Edward Michael with music by LapCat.


HomeBody, (2014-2015)  is in an evening length work that explores the nuances of comfort and support of being “at home” within the physical self. Arising from Artistic Director Claudia Anata Hubiak’s recent experience of becoming a mother, HomeBody examines the spiritual and biological body and its ability to house a human being. Set to an original score by Kyle Olson, this world premiere breathes inside Nicole VanMalder’s luminous “bone installation” set design creating a glowing environment where the five dancers of The Anata Project reside.
Premiered October 23rd 2015 at Z Space, SF, CA. Dancers: Ismael Acosta, Gabby Grady, Julie-Ann Gambino, Eric Garcia and Yuko Monden


KittleSlip, (2013) a study of desire and the slippery nature of human exchange. An unstable trio falls, slinks and slides their way through the waves of relationship, just missing the connections so inherently desired. Set to the music of Ludovicio Einaudi, Hubiak explores the ever-changing nature of what we think we want…until we get it.
Premiered may 17th 2013 at Z Space, SF, CA. Also seen at The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, Co.
Original cast: Ismael Acosta, Ashlie Kirby, Troy Macklin

Crooked Little Hearts

Crooked Little Hearts (2012) explores the nuances of intimacy and the human body’s reaction to connection. Informed by Hubiak’s Buddhist upbringing, this work addresses the desire for balance and mindfulness amidst chaos. Crooked looks at love and longing, intimacy and vulnerability with movement that explores the “off balance” “off centered” and even “unhinged”.
Premiered November 19th 2012, Dance Mission Theater
Original Cast: Jacqueline Arko, Claudia Anata Hubiak, DeShawn Marshall, Sarah Sandoval, Ashley Trottier

Mrs. Feather Bottom's Hatchlings

Mrs. Feather Bottom’s Hatchlings (2012) is a film originally created for Dances Made to Order in Los Angeles. Please enjoy the trailer here.
Music: The Heroic Weather-Conditions by Alexandre Desplat
Dancers: Jacqueline Arko, Claudia Anata Hubiak

Tiny Disco

Tiny Disco, (Film, 2012) was created in collaboration with cinematographer Michael Rose with original music by KWEST.
Dancers: Jacqueline Arko, Claudia Anata Hubiak, Sarah Sandoval, Ashley Trottier

659 Days of Ruby and Mr. S

659 Days of Ruby and Mr. S (2011) is a window into the world of ordinary relationship. The most mundane days hold moments of magic often hidden beneath fits of tenderness and aggravation. This duet is set to music by Head For The Hills from Boulder, Colorado.
Premiered May 2011, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, NYC
Original Cast: Claudia Anata Hubiak and Zach Thomas
Dancers in video: Ismael Acosta and Ashlie Kirby

Anata Teaser

Choreography for stage and film by Claudia Anata Hubiak

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