The Anata Project introduces The Anata Wellness Program to the San Francisco community and public school system. The program provides seminars that promote mindfulness practices through dance and meditation surrounding confidence, awareness and self-worth. Anata Wellness focuses on movement technique, meditation and somatic practices, encouraging participants to get physical and consciously inhabit their bodies. The seminars give basic meditation instruction as well as a movement class to encourage play, empowerment and embodiment.

Anata Wellness Seminars begin with the principles of basic meditation instruction. Participants are guided through several basic steps:

1) Finding a comfortable and anatomically supportive seat

2) Noticing your breath

3) Noticing when you become distracted by elements of your environment, thoughts and emotions that arise.

4) Mindfully returning to observing sensation in your body, consciously and gently acknowledging thoughts as part of the human experience and coming back to your breath and body.

The company then leads students through improvisational movement exercises, including personal movement exploration and group movement collaboration. These exercises encourage individual play and creativity, while challenging the students to interact through creative problem-solving. Meditation instruction is repeated at the end of each session and students are asked to observe how their bodies and minds feel after having moved and collaborated with their classmates. The program’s hour-long sessions will serve as a gateway to stress-reduction, increased confidence, and an added sense of self-worth.

If you are interested in having an Anata Wellness Seminar in your place of work or at your school please contact us at [email protected]

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