What people are saying about The Anata Project:

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“Hauntingly Glorious”

~Heather Desaulniers, Critical Dance

“Claudia Anata Hubiak’s quietly circular and well-shaped HomeBody seemed pushed along an inexorable trajectory toward individuation that got re-absorbed into a communal identity”.

~ Rita Felciano, San Francisco Guardian

“Hubiak’s work in Crooked Little Hearts was sensitive, lush, and fluid.  There was a peaceful and spiritous quality to the dancing by the fine artists of The Anata Project.”

-Sidra Bell, Artistic Director of Sidra Bell Dance New York

 “Claudia Hubiak has not only compiled a compelling group of artists with an infectious spirit,voracious appetite for movement, and physical prowess but the choreography skillfully moves with intensity and boundaries. There is true craft in Claudia’s choreography that pulls one into a world of broken hearts.”

-Pamela Pietro, New York University Tisch Department of Dance

It’s not just secrets that are revealed in Claudia Anata Hubiak’s newest work, “The Hush Hush Chronicles,” which the 2-year old Anata Project premieres Friday at Z Space, (read full article here).

Mary Ellen Hunt, The San Francisco Chronicle Preview of Hush Hush Chronicles May 16, 2013


Review of Crooked Little Hearts from Uptempo Magazine 

 Bayla Gottesman

“Hubiak cleverly plays on lines, angles and repetition by staging the same formations and movements in various places throughout the work. The segments look drastically different from new angles and perhaps Hubiak comments on the repetitive nature of relationships with this tactic”. (Read full article here)

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